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“You hit what you’re looking at.”

Driving Instructors, Emergency Maneuvers Training, everywhere


“Your head is the heaviest part of your body.  Turn your head to help your horse know what you want to do.  Don’t give conflicting instructions by looking one way and pulling the reins another.”

Horse-riding Instructors, everywhere



Turns out that what’s true in the physical world is true in the business world.  Popular management tools and concepts can reinforce behaviour that hinders the results you say you want.  Recent writings from Braden Kelly look at how the idea of “fail fast to move your business forward” really doesn’t move you forward in a positive way.  Instead, it moves your employees to focus on failure, miss the things that helped your firm to be successful and traps you into moving focus away from your customers.

Management will only get your business so far; leadership moves your business into a space where growth comes from providing products and services that your customers value.  “Staying ahead of the competition” mentality leaves you fighting over old ground with other business and ignoring new opportunities and better ways to meet customer needs.

Leaders are responsible for the people they lead, not the results generated.  When the leader creates an environment with a common goal where everyone can do their best work, the results will show that.

I’m not suggesting that all management techniques should be thrown out, or that you can ignore what your competitors are doing.  I am saying that sustained success needs leaders first.

Currently have managers?  Changed titles a few years ago to ‘leaders’ but didn’t change the day-to-day interactions?  Need an environment change so your employees can do the work that you saw them get excited about in your first interview?

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