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commuting and planning

Commuting and Planning

Advice and planning isn’t just about static projections that show you what finances may look like in 25 years.  Let’s look at how to apply it to your current situation and use the process to increase potential future opportunities.

Harvard Business Review’s recent magazine edition contains a research article on the effect of commuting on career productivity.  The main concepts: Prepare to be Productive; Find Your “Pocket of Freedom”; Share the Spirit and Reduce your Commute are widely applicable to helping to generate a relevant plan to move you towards your goals.

  1. Prepare to be Productive- take a fresh look at the resources that you have and how you are using them.  Write down what’s really important to you, what else you would like to do today.  Compare your current situation to those items and make adjustments as needed.
  2. Find Your “Pocket of Freedom”- often there is are areas in our lives that are beyond our direct control.   Find a way to either make small changes that add up to a new direction over time, or find another way to add more of what you need & enjoy to take focus off of what isn’t in your control.  Researchers have found clear evidence that this method increases productivity and success.
  3. Share the Spirit- social connections are vital to our success in many areas.  When you don’t have advice or a plan to meet your goals, you’re missing one of the easiest methods to clarify your use of time and other resources.  Increasing our own security changes our ability to connect with others at multiple levels.
  4. Reduce Your Commute- take out ‘commute’ and fill in the blank- Reduce Your ______________.  What do you need less of in order to focus on the present and the future?  Debt?  Worry about paying for education?  Uncertainty about how to develop an estate plan that benefits your children?  Advice and planning can help here as well.

Planning should be a series of conversations that opens up possibilities and confirms that you are moving in the direction you want for the future.   Advice should affect today and tomorrow.

In the interest of taking my own advice, the picture above is my bike.  My office location allows for an easy commute by bicycle.  My goal is to pedal to work 3 days per week, weather permitting.


Title: Reclaim Your Commute


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