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One of the first concerns that people have when they think about/ decide to separate is how to afford to live. How am I going to pay for everything that I need? Everything that our kids need? Meet the obligations that I have and do things that I want to do?


Often, people are working from a place where the finances when they were together aren’t clear. If finances weren’t clear, or were strained before separation, it seems impossible to have enough on your own.


Separation is a time when expenses are shifting, increasing, and there are real unknowns. These things make it feel impossible to make good decisions, or answer questions about how much you need. Even with a number of unknowns, it’s possible to work out what’s possible.


There are several ways to sort out your numbers so that you can answer questions during the separation process about how much you need and make decisions about your expenses in the future. The traditional idea of budgeting doesn’t work for most people, and it’s unlikely to be helpful for you at this time.


As a collaboratively trained Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, I can work with you alone, with both of you and with your lawyers. Depending on your situation, we will find the best solution to move towards financial resolution.


Contact me to review your situation and understand your financial options.

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