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Business Planning


Businesses reflect not only the owner’s dreams and plans, they also take on a life of their own, as economies, employees and technologies change.  


Your plan will provide answers to dilemmas like:


I would like to expand, but I'm not sure how to spend on my business and save for myself.


How do I get money out of my corporation?


How much should I save in my RSP or TFSA or corporation?


How do I transition my business to my children?


How do I take over the business from my parents?


I don't have a plan for my business if something happens to me.


The above is a short list of frequently asked questions.  If you need answers to any of these, or you have your own questions, we would be happy to discuss your situation to see if we can assist you.





A woman looking at an idea on a board.  Business Planning

To discuss your goals further, please contact Sara

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