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WD Development-all of us have wild dreams, and Sara believes we should spend more time developing them.  When you change the way you relate to and understand your money, you stop feeling uncertain, confused and stressed and start seeing possibilities.  You focus on what is important to you, using your money as a foundation to support your choices.  Sara believes that client-centred advising is truly beneficial and that fee-only financial planning is the most objective, efficient way to keep clients in the centre.  All of us experience change, and our financial outlook needs to adjust.  Knowing your options and assessing potential impact many years out from here means you can move towards your goals in the best way possible.



Sara McCullough



Sara has 20 years experience in the financial industry.  Starting in client communications, Sara began advising clients directly in 2003.  Since then, she has worked at both bank-owned and privately- owned wealth management firms.  Over that time, she has worked with a wide range of clients, including recent graduates starting careers, business owners, medical professionals and multi-generation families.


Fee Only Financial Advisor Sara McCullough owner of WD Development


As a Certified Financial Planner, Sara has the skills to develop comprehensive financial plans that allow you to see your options to meet your goals.


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Also a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Sara can help you through periods of significant change, and show you how to move forward with security.


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As a Registered Financial Planner, Sara has the skills to work through the most technical parts of complex plans and show you how to execute recommendations to get the outcome you want.


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More About Sara

Sara’s family is her motivation to develop and maintain her own personal plan. When not working, Sara spends time reading, camping, cooking, and volunteering with children.




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