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This week, I have starts and middles of planning to do for clients.

I spoke with several families last week who need help with adding or changing goals.  The big estate planning questions for two families- how to plan to leave enough to care for children in case of early death, but not enough to overwhelm or de-motivate/ how to help one child, maintain close relationships all their children and equalize the dollars later through the estate/ how much they can help without de-stabilizing their own situation.

Changing goals often happen with major life events.  New clients contacted me for planning related to separation& divorce, as well as planning for an accident settlement.  Health and relationship changes leave us feeling like the rug’s been pulled out from under us. When it comes to finances, we often weren’t sure what the rug was made of before the change happened.  To plan for a new reality when you weren’t clear about the old one is difficult.  My role is to organize, listen, research, do the technical stuff to produce projections.  Then clients can make the decision that best moves them forward in a positive way.

And U.S. citizens.  Most times, there’s a U.S. citizen somewhere in my active planning files.  Plans for U.S. citizens- more knowledge about more acronyms.

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