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Making Decisions while Grieving

Making decisions can be difficult on a regular day.  Grieving a loss isn't a regular day.  Making decisions can become more difficult, more exhausting and the stakes may be higher.


When you're grieving and faced with decisions, it's important to understand your current situation is, what decisions need to be made immediately and which decisions can (and possibly should) be made later.


The best decision may be to wait to make a decision.  How to do you that?  You decide on a short-term plan that deliberately allows room to make a long-term decision when you have more time, energy and clarity.  This looks like putting an inheritance, severance payment or separation settlement into a savings account and letting the bank know that you are not making any other decisions for 12 months (so please don't ask if you would like to speak to a wealth advisor or buy a GIC).


To read more on making decisions while grieving, read Noushin Ziafati's interview with myself, Sandra Fry and Ti Zhang here

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