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A person working on a computer and calculator representing Tax ManagementTax Management


Tax planning works best when it looks at both short-term and long-term implications.  You don’t want to pay less in the short-term only to pay more in the long-term or through your estate.


This area needs WD and your accountant to work together.  WD builds your plan based on your goals.  Your plan stretches over many years.


WD builds a goal-based plan for you which stretches over many years.  The accountant specializes in tax efficiency in shorter defined time periods.  Working together small efficiencies can build to a significant change for you.


Questions to ask and Numbers Needed:
  • Most likely to be raised by WD or your accountant.  This planning area will be reviewed in connections to your other areas such as cash management, retirement and estate planning.  It will also come up when you are considering larger purchases or life/career changes.