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a pile of blurry photos an unclear future.  WD can create a focused Retirement PlanRetirement Planning


It's time to re-define retirement.  The traditional definition of “after I stop working” has become less relevant for some and meaningless to others.  Today, some of us may spend almost as many years in retirement as we spent in our careers, while others work long past traditional retirement age.


Retirement isn’t a change in who you are or what drives you.  It’s a change in how you express that.  Retirement planning involves looking at both the personal and financial impact of leaving a full-time career.


Questions to start
  • What’s important to me about my career now? What do I want to keep?  What do I want to let go?
  • How do I want to fill my time when I leave my current career or spend less time at my current obligations?
  • When do I want to make a change?
Numbers Needed
  • Current lifestyle expenses (see cash management)
  • Value of Investments/Assets that can be used to fund retirement
  • Pension statements
  • Savings plans – personal/through work