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Money that we have set aside for future use.  We invest with the expectation that this money with earn more money on its own.  When you invest in anything, even a GIC, you take a risk.  A suitable investment portfolio for you is one that has a risk/return balance that makes sense to you over a long period of time and is set up to meet your personal goals.


Questions to start
  • What are your goals for your investments?
  • What level of risk are you willing to take with the monies you have saved?
  • Are there investments/investment areas that you want to avoid?
Numbers needed
  • Investment Statements
  • Details of other assets ie real estate holdings, business valuations and share structures
  • Statements for Universal Life and Whole Life Policies showing contributions, investment values and investment allocations (UL policies only)


*WD will give you an opinion on your risk tolerance based on the conversations we have, how much risk you can take on your obligations, goals and net worth and your risk capacity.