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Development Field

This is an exploratory area for clients who are interested in charitable giving.


The idea of forming WD Development started from conversations with clients and others who had a desire to give but didn’t know how or where to give.  Most were concerned about how to give to make an impact, and getting the most money to the intended recipient.


WD believes:
  • if giving is important to you, this area needs to become fully integrated into your plan.
  • if you have a desire to give, but don’t see a method today, we can spend time working to find a method.
  • Starting small is where we start everything
  • Every thoughtful gift has an impact
  • A community of like-minded givers can create new ways to give
  • This area will also involve other professionals and organizations.


pennies in a jar marked charity representing managing your charitable giving

To discuss your goals further, please contact Sara

at 519-569-PLAN(7526) or [email protected]